Experts predict price drop for hot electronics

January 20, 2011 3:01:55 PM PST
If you are a tech geek, or maybe you are in the market for a new phone or TV, you may want to wait. That's because the latest price trend data shows prices for popular electronics are dropping.

One of the great things about technology is that we can count on prices dropping at a steady rate over time on the things we want most. So some of the most desirable items like e-readers and navigation systems -- by the end of year -- will hit rock-bottom prices.

Sharon Allen admits she doesn't get caught up in the hype of the latest electronics.

"I wait for it to come down in price," she said.

In fact, it was just last year that she had purchased a flat-panel television.

"I have a 32-inch TV I'd gotten for $239 here the latter part of last year," Allen said.

And on this day, she found another bargain, this time on a 42-inch television.

"I am buying a plasma TV now for $350 bucks," she said.

And even though she's getting a deal on an "open box" item, according to the latest data from, by the end of the year some 42-inch HD TVs should drop down to $299! You may even find 55-inch TVs for around $600.

"It's amazing and everybody is coming in to be able to get these TVs because everybody wants the newest and latest technology," Best Buy's Lance Mercier said.

Mercier says the competition is fierce. Remember when the Kindle came out? Now the market is flooded with a variety of e-readers. The Kindle 2 from Amazon was $259 two years ago, but by the end of this year, the price is expected to go down to $99.

"It's such a huge portion of our business here at Best Buy having e-book, nooks and all these different readers; I see the price continuing to drop," he said.

Blu-Ray players used to cost hundreds of dollars. Now you can find them for about $99. But predicts the price may go down to as little as $39 by the end of 2011.

Another big price reduction you'll see this year is on certain 15- to 17-inch widescreen laptops. Last year's $300 laptops is today's cheap grab. Expect to pay about $50 to $100 less. The reason is because tablets like the iPad are a hot item.

"It's taking over; tablets and having something it is easily accessible are is something that you can throw in a purse and be able to carry on the side, always have it with you, is something that more people are wanting," Mercier said.

The 3GS iPhone, which once cost several hundred dollars, can now be purchased for $49.99 with a contract.

Other big price drops include full-size digital cameras that were once thousands of dollars. The price is expected to drop to $300.