Third suspect arrested in Pearland bank robbery

PEARLAND, TX He is 17, but is charged as an adult. But as of today, he is no longer a student, he is an inmate in jail.

Two of the accused bank robbers were caught Friday -- one as police say he tried to escape out the bank's back door, the other after a dramatic advance of a SWAT team.

Two more suspects, police believe, were waiting in a getaway truck. One of those remaining suspects was arrested Tuesday, miles away from Pearland in north Houston on Rainy River Drive, when neighbors saw law enforcement parked on the street.

"In the afternoon, I looked up and I saw the police," said one neighbor.

Police left with Wydell Alvin Johnson in handcuffs. He is said to be the nephew of one of the accused bank robbers already jailed. Johnson is now charged with aggravated robbery for his alleged involvement in the failed bank heist. He and an alleged fourth suspect left in a truck which was later recovered.

Johnson, 17, attended class as usual Tuesday at Milburn Academy Charter School which caters to students who failed to thrive in traditional classrooms. Police arrived to arrest him there, but class had dismissed so he was arrested at his home. His family would not answer the door.

He was well known at the school and among his friends in the neighborhood. But none of them connected him to the bank robbery that played out all afternoon on New Year's Eve.

"He was trying to get it, that's all I can think of," said another neighbor.

Johnson's bond is set at $1 million.

The bond set for the other two jailed suspects who police say took the hostages and actively participated in the bank robbery -- Raymond Johnson, 29, and Samuel Bonner, 39, -- is $13 million each. They're facing one charge for each of the victims inside the bank during Friday's tense standoff.

Pearland police say they're still looking for one more person in connection with the robbery attempt.

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