Suspects in bar shooting turn themselves in

Attorney Syngman Stevens talks to Joe Marin (right) and Tony Marin (left) after the two turned themselves in to face murder charges.

December 31, 2010 4:14:35 PM PST
Two more suspects wanted in connection with a deadly shooting at the Stafford Ice House earlier this month have surrendered to authorities. One of the men had taken his young son with him while he was hiding from police.

For eleven days, Joe Marin was in hiding. That ended Friday when the capital murder suspect surrendered at the Fort Bend County Jail.

"How has the boy been?" we asked Marin about his son, four-year-old Jaiden.

"He's great," he answered. "I love my son."

Marin disappeared with his son three days after the December 18th double murder at Stafford's Ice House on South Main. Authorities say the shooting was the culmination of a violent dispute between family members.

One group was kicked out of the bar. Investigators say they returned and at least one person began shooting as they went back into the bar. Two were killed, four others wounded.

Named then as capital murder suspects were Joe and Tony Marin, who both surrendered Friday; Michael Marin, who turned himself in on Monday; and Francisco Marin, who is still at large.

The attorney representing the men who surrendered Friday says they gave up now because they had become increasingly concerned about their safety on the streets.

"They have received death threats from some of the victims and patrons who were at the bar that night," said attorney Syngman Stevens. "And for fear of their own personal safety and the safety of the children, they have decided to contact us in order to get them here safely."

That attorney says Joe Marin did nothing wrong in taking little Jaiden, and that Marin has joint custody of the boy. Stevens says Joe Marin feared most for his son's safety, and was afraid retribution for his alleged involvement in the murders could result in someone attempting to harm his son.

For the record, Stevens claims neither of his clients were involved in the murders.

"Their condolences do go out to the families," said Stevens. "But they did not have part in the shooting that took place December 18."

All three capital murder suspects remain behind bars at the Ft. Bend County Jail. Investigators are still looking for Francisco Marin, who attorneys insist was the trigger man.