Suspect in bar shooting turns himself in


Without stopping to answer our questions, capital murder suspect Michael Marin walked into the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office to meet with his attorney. Marin is one of four suspects wanted in a double murder at the Stafford Ice House on December 18. Four others were also wounded in that shooting.

Defense attorney Don Hecker said, "Our position is, is he didn't participate at all."

Hecker says Marin has been isolated in hiding since the shootings, originally, he claims, because of death threats Marin received following the murders. Hecker says his client told him he does not know where the other suspects are.

Marin wouldn't tell us where he's been or why he decided to surrender to authorities today. His attorney says Marin claims that on the night of the murders, Marin never had a gun and never fired one.

Authorities say the shootings were the culmination of a violent dispute among family members and friends at the ice house. One group was kicked out of the bar. Investigators say they returned and at least one person began shooting as they went back into the bar.

Michael Marin wouldn't spell out for us what happened that night. He's been booked on a charge of capital murder that his attorney calls "ridiculous." The DA says it's a charge possible even if Marin never held a gun.

Fort Bend District Attorney John Healey said, "In this case the allegation is that the killing took place in which two people were killed during the same criminal transaction."

Healey has not yet decided if he will seek the death penalty against Michael Marin. Marin remains in custody at the Fort Bend County Jail with his bond set at $200,000. He is scheduled to appear before a magistrate court in Fort Bend County Tuesday morning.

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