Capital murder suspect on the run with young son


The family was fighting back tears when we talked to them on Christmas Eve. Their four-year-old son has been missing for days, and the man they believe took him was his father, a wanted fugitive accused in a double murder in Stafford.

The search for the suspects in the Stafford Ice House shooting certainly took another turn Friday when we learned that one of them has a four-year-old son he apparently took from the boy's mother without permission three days after the deadly shootings. Now, the mother's family is now frantic to get him back.

Jaiden Marin disappeared with his father, 23-year-old Joe Marin, on Tuesday.

Jaiden's mother says she and Marin, her ex-boyfriend, had just given Jaiden a new Spiderman bicycle for Christmas. She says Jaiden and Marin were outside together with the bike when his mother says suddenly Marin put Jaiden in his car and left.

Jaiden's maternal grandmother, who is afraid for her own safety, wants Jaiden back.

"My Jaiden is -- he's four years old, and he's a very, very happy baby," his grandmother said.

Joe Marin is one of four men wanted for a deadly shooting outside the Stafford Ice House a week ago. Two people were killed and four more were hurt in a violent dispute. They were charged Thursday, and now Jaiden's grandmother fears for the four-year-old boy who has unopened presents waiting for him under the tree.

"My biggest concern is that Jaiden is in danger, or that we're not going to see Jaiden. And that's all we want is we want Jaiden back," his grandmother said.

But because Marin shares custody of Jaiden, and because he's never posed a physical threat to the child before, neither Houston nor Stafford police will issue an Amber Alert. It's considered a custodial issue. Stafford police calling Joe Marin and the others both armed and dangerous does not make a difference.

It's frustrating for Jaiden's aunt, who hopes Marin will stop hiding with his son.

"Please do the right thing and know that Jaiden is where he belongs when he's with us," his aunt said. "Please do the right thing and bring Jaiden back to us."

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