The silver lining of last-minute shopping


You may find even more items on clearance because stores are hoping to move their inventory even before the day after Christmas sales, plus a big box retailer is open 24 hours a day hoping to give shoppers the gift of convenience.

We're just three days before Christmas and Sarah Terrell is feeling the pressure of last-minute shopping at the Toys R Us on Bunker Hill. All Toys R Us stores are open 24 hours until Christmas Eve, but even with the extra time, her nerves are intensifying.

"I waited on the big present, and now I am afraid they don't have it," shopper Sarah Terrell said.

The store is out and Terrell will have to go find it at another location.

If you are one of those last-minute holiday shoppers and looking for hot toys, you're probably going to be out of luck. That's because in most cases, stores have already sold out.

The Barbie video girl is out of stock at the Bunker Hill location of Toys R Us. And other than the display, "Stinky the Garbage Truck" has sold out. The shelves have been wiped clean.

Veronica Chargois also procrastinated.

"The gentleman just went to go help me, to see if they have the actual one that I want, so I am crossing my fingers that he has it," she said.

No luck for her, either, as they are sold out.

But for those who are looking for a bargain, there are still big bargains. For example, a battle set that's regularly priced for $100 is on sale for $49.99, and Nerf products are buy one, get one half off.

Over at Best Buy in Meyerland, the Amazon Kindle is sold out, leaving shoppers looking for other alternatives.

But the news is not all bad. Best Buy has a Deal of the Day until the 24th, like the Dynex 32-inch TVs for $249.99.

For those who are shopping online, there's no need for rush shipping. You can buy online and pick up at the store before 3pm on Christmas Eve.

And if you are one of those last-minute shoppers, be sure to check the store for unadvertised deals. At Best Buy, they have a list of specials on TVs that you can get on sale before Christmas.

Over at JC Penney in Meyerland, a lot of merchandise is half off, some jewelry is 60 percent and already there are plenty of items on clearance because the store is preparing for its day-after-Christmas sale with door-buster deals.

As far as stores that have extended hours, Memorial City Mall has extended their hours until 11pm Wednesday and Thursday; JC Penney stays open until midnight, and as mentioned Toys R Us is open 24 hours until Christmas Eve, when the store closes at 10pm.

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