What are the holiday's most fattening foods?

HOUSTON What holiday food has the most fat?

"A brie cheese. That would be my guess," said one person we asked.

"Any kind of sausage or salami," guessed another.

They're high fat, but here are some higher fat holiday favorites.

Apple pie is 42 percent fat. UT health dietitian Carol Wolin-Riklin says try eating a sliver instead of a wedge.

"Enjoy it. Have a good time," she said. "A little bit goes a long way."

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows has 29 percent fat. But you can make it lower fat.

"You could use skim milk," said Wolin-Riklin. "You could use reduced fat margarine and then use a sugar substitute."

Homemade cream corn has 37 percent fat. It's that whole milk and butter. Canned cream corn is a lower calorie alternative.

Lots of people guessed this one. Egg nog is 50 percent fat.

And number one on our list of most fat in a holiday food is the lowly cheese ball. It's 67 percent fat!

"Oh, that's right," said Janice Demboske. "I forgot about the cheese."

"That's too bad because it's one of my favorites," said Lynne Glattly.

Why? They use soft cheese to make a cheese ball round, and soft cheese is high in fat. Also it's rolled in nuts which add fat. And who can eat just one slice of a cheese ball?

But here's an option. Choose a cheese ball rolled in herbs made of low fat cheese.

"The other thing I always recommend is don't skip a meal if you're going to a party because you will wind up eating more that way," said Wolin-Riklin.

And remember, Christmas is a celebration and food is just a part of it.

"It all balances out and life's not all about counting calories and fat," said Demboske.

That's good advice.

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