Most read stories on in June

Tragedy unfolded in north Houston in June, as a couple was found dead in an apparent-murder suicide. That story was viewed more than any other in June.

December 23, 2010 8:05:47 AM PST
We've gone back through our web logs to find what Houston-area stories you clicked on most through the year. And there was just so much that we decided to break it down by month.


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Below are the stories you clicked on most in June of 2010

1. Couple dead in apparent murder-suicide

2. Grand jury indicts 4 officers in teen beating case

3. Teen mother arrested in death of her newborn

4. Death of chase suspect ruled homicide

5. DJ shot to death outside nightclub

6. Family: Cop shot dog, city won't pay vet bill

7. Family finds alligator in backyard pool

8. Woman felt suspicious men targeted her

9. One dead, two wounded in apparent love triangle shooting

10. Newborn found abandoned at apartment complex