Family of store owner wounded in shootout speaks out


Ramon Castillo is improving after being shot, and now we are hearing from his son about the attack.

It's been a struggle for Castillo and his family, but on Wednesday, he was upgraded to fair condition at the hospital. Family members say they know there's a long road ahead, but for now, they're happy for what they have for Christmas.

Daniel Castillo says letters supporting his family are pouring in from across the country.

"Merry Christmas, I heard about your story and had to send my blessings to your family," one note from a San Antonio resident read.

The note, as well as others, has boosted the morale of the entire family as Ramon Castillo recovers from his gunshot wounds.

"He got really happy when he saw the letter and he even brought the nurses into the room to hear the letters and read them out loud," Daniel Castillo said.

It was less than a week ago that Ramon Castillo faced down three robbers in a shootout inside his own jewelry store. The robbers had tied up his wife, and were trying to do the same with him when he reached for his gun. The three robbers were killed. Ramon Castillo was hit four times, but survived.

"All we can ask for right now is just support from the community," said his son-in-law, Abraham Banda.

Family members say Ramon Castillo's wife is a constant presence at his hospital bed and that the first thing Ramon Castillo asked when he was strong enough to talk was to make sure his wife wasn't injured.

"He wanted to make sure, so he made her pick up her blouse to show him that she was fine," Daniel Castillo said.

The entire family is now focused on Ramon Castillo's recovery. He had no insurance, so a website has been set up to accept donations.

And even as this family patriarch struggles to recover, his son says he's already got his Christmas wish.

"I think this is going got be a good Christmas because my dad is alive. It's one of the best gifts we can ever get for any Christmas," Daniel Castillo said.

Daniel Castillo says though they haven't discussed the future, he's certain that once his dad recovers, Ramon Castillo will want to get back to work.

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