During holidays, thieves target mailed packages


There is a way to make sure the Grinch does not steal Christmas and it will not cost you a dime.

When FedEx or UPS delivers a package to your door, they just leave it there. Now is the busiest time of year for deliveries and the bad guys know it. But you do not have to be a victim.

Package thieves are on the prowl. One Grinch was caught on hidden camera taking gifts right off a woman's front door step in McKinney, Texas. It took just 10 seconds for the man to steal Christmas.

The problem is happening here, too.

"The packages were delivered on a Thursday around noon," victim John Wayman said. "I came home that day and found a FedEx delivery notice on my door but no packages."

Wayman says the FedEx and ups packages delivered to his door were taken not once, but two times this month.

"Once again through tracking information, it showed to be delivered on a Thursday about noon. That particular time my oldest son had some time so he came by the house 30 minutes later and the package was gone," Wayman said.

Wayman was able to get the stolen items replaced, but police say the theft of packages left on door steps explodes this time of year.

"During this season the numbers of deliveries will really increase," HPD Officer James Sobota said. "We really suggest not to have these items just left at your door step."

It turns out there is a way to keep your packages from being left on your door step and it does not cost a dime.

"Consumers can actually do this option with FedEx or UPS where they can have the item held at the station. So they would then go pick it up themselves, so if you are away on a trip or working, something like that, then you have that option where you can go get the item and it won't be just left there on your door step," said Leah Napliello with the Houston Better Business Bureau.

Napoliello says it's not enough for you to request a hold on your packages. Be sure your loved ones know to so their gifts to you don't get stolen.

Remember, if the package was not sent through the U.S. mail, the Postal Service will not investigate the theft.

The moment you realize a package is missing, call the company you bought it from and tell them, the companies typically will replace the item.

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