Family mourns loss of daughter in shooting


Investigators say the 17-year-old was standing on the sidewalk on Sapling Way near South Braeswood when a man came running down the street firing a gun.

Saturday, neighbors came back out, looking in disbelief at the sidewalk where the teen girl's body laid after she was shot.

It all happened around 7:30pm. Witnesses say they saw the man running down the street, firing a gun while people stood outside. People say they were trying to avoid the flying bullets. At least one bullet flattened a tire. Another hit the teen.

A neighbor says he heard the gunfire and when he went outside, he saw the victim's brother.

"I saw these little boys and one of them was running and saying, 'That's my sister. That's my sister,'" he said.

Neighbors say the victim, Ebony Murrell, 17, had not yet graduated from high school but had planned to attend college.

Her mother is now struggling to cope with the fact that she wont see her smile again.

"This is like a pill that just won't do down right now," said mother Renee Murrell. "I am just looking for her to come through the door."

Friends and family are remembering Murrell. A memorial has sprung up near the spot where she was gunned down Friday night. Well wishers left balloons, cards, candles and stuffed animals. The shrine there grew all day. Family and friends say they're touched by all the support.

Police urge anyone who knows anything about this crime or the gunman to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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