Meth arrests on the rise in Friendswood

FRIENDSWOOD, TX Group therapy takes place several times a day at the Bay Area Recovery Center. Of the 24 patients, more than half have used methamphetimes and as many eight are being treated for meth addiction.

Bank Kerr with the Bay Area Recovery Center said, "You can spend five dollars on meth, 10 dollars on meth, do a little line and be high for hours."

Friendswood Police Chief Robert Wieners is also investigating if affordability is one of the reasons why his department has seen a considerable spike in methamphetimes arrests.

"There is a lot of methamphetime in the area, that's here in the area right now," Chief Wieners said.

Last week three suspects were arrested for possession of methamphetimes. They are the latest in a spike of meth arrests. Annually, Friendswood police arrest about six people for methamphetimes. This year that number has jumped to 30 and counting.

Chief Wieners says an on-going investigation is beginning to show that law enforcement is now dealing with domestic and imported meth.

"Some of it is being manufactured, or being cooked, in the area, but I think a lot of it is the Mexican methamphetimes that is starting to make its way across the border and into the area," Chief Wieners said.

As police work to curtail meth in the Bay area, Kerr will also do his part to stop meth from destroying lives and families -- something he's witnessed just last week.

He recalled, "Standing at an open casket, with a mother's arms around me crying om my shoulder. They are asking me why her son couldn't get what a lot of us have gotten, in freedom from drug addiction."

In their latest arrest, Friendswood police confiscated more than 10 grams of meth and are having it tested to see where it came from. Chief Wieners says purity defines the source, as a purer product comes from Mexico.

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