Unidentified woman's body discovered in Spring

HOUSTON The woman was discovered dressed in men's clothing in a wooded area in the 5300 block of Kodiak on Friday. Her hair was styled in a crew cut that appears to have grown out for several weeks.

The woman was wearing an extra-large hooded sweatshirt with gray fatigue print, a gray knit skull cap, a small size shirt and extra-small size pants, a large, gray, long-sleeved T-shirt and extra large size, yellow, male Hanes boxer briefs, an extra large size Fruit of the Loom sleeveless white undershirt, black socks and white Stretchers sneakers.

The woman also was wearing a blue twine necklace with a white tag attached. Embroidered on the white tag was a Catholic depiction of the Virgin Mary.

Authorities also found a note written in Spanish in the woman's back pants pocket. The woman says, "Rosa, you are with me, I am you. You are my strength, I am your strength. Jeroni white feather." Also written in the note was a non-working phone number.

The woman had a fully healed abdominal scar from previous abdominal surgery. She did not have any tattoos.

Anyone with information regarding the woman's identity is asked to contact the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences at 713-796-6774 or 713-796-9292.

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