Christmas comes early for dozens of families

HOUSTON For the tenth year, volunteers with the Greater Houston Builders Association and Houston Housing Authority have spent part of their holidays giving gifts to families who might not otherwise have any.

"If you were to delve into their personal lives, you would find that these are very generous and loving people," said Frank Aranza, Jr. with the Houston Builder's Association. "But they just don't have the where with all to provide for themselves or for their families the kind of Christmas that you or I might experience."

Sixty-eight Houston families are getting gifts ranging from $500 to $1,500 depending on the size of their families and their wish lists. It is a blessing for parents and for children.

"It's very important. I'm really thankful for HHA to help me because this year I really wasn't gonna have a Christmas," said Katy Saravia, a mother of two.

"It's gonna be a really good Christmas because...because I want a so wonderful Christmas when I'm a teenager," said 2nd grader Treveon Wiggis.

And of course it's equally as fulfilling for those in charge with organizing and doling out the boxes and the bikes and clothing and food and more.

"It really makes you feel good inside," said Damien Kelly with the Houston Housing Authority. "Come out and see the kids when they come out and get the presents and whatnot. Helping underprivileged kids, that's what we do."

The Houston Housing Authority provides affordable homes and services to more than 55,000 people throughout Houston.

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