Mail carrier arrested for possessing child porn

PASADENA, TX Pasadena police arrested James Porter after an intensive investigation. Porter had lived in the 1200 block of Blackberry in Pasadena until last summer. When he moved, a computer and computer discs were left behind which contained pornographic images of young girls.

Porter was arrested December 1 at the post office when he finished his route. After the arrest, officers searched Porter's new residence in Highlands and discovered more than 10,000 printed pornographic images of young girls. There were thousands of images on the computer hard drives and on discs at both residences.

Officers and U.S. Postal Inspectors also found a large quantity of undelivered mail in both residences and in the suspect's truck.

Porter, 57, has been charged with three counts of child pornography. He is being held on $100,000 bond for each count.

Police say the investigation in this case is still ongoing. Anyone with any information regarding this suspect is asked to call the Pasadena Police Department, Juvenile Division 713-477-1221.

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