Man accused of trying to poison dog

HOUSTON "My dogs and I have lived in fear since it happened in June and it happened again on November 12," said dog owner Charlotte Liberda.

This is the second time poisoned cheeseballs have been placed in Liberda's yard in the Rice Military neighborhood. But this time, none of the dogs got sick from the strychnine and a suspect was caught on video, placing the cheese balls.

Liberda changed the way she manages her dogs after someone tried to poison the animals last June.

She said, "Ever since that day, every morning I walk out into my yard and check every square inch of my yard before letting the dogs out."

On November 12, Liberda was checking her yard and let one dog out. Austin is one of the dogs who got very sick from a strychnine-laced cheeseball in June. Austin was a little luckier this time.

Liberda said, "The second time, I caught it right as he picked it up."

This time, Liberda was ready with surveillance cameras she bought after the first incident. Those cameras caught a man throwing those cheeseballs laced with highly toxic strychnine into Liberda's yard. Houston police asked Liberda not to release the video yet.

"He was looking around, like looking to make sure nobody was watching him and he looked and looked and looked and he would throw one and look some more," Liberda said.

Qian Feng, 43, is now facing a felony charge of cruetly to non-livestock animals.

Prosecutor Belinda Smith explained, "This is a state jail felony punishable by up to two years in jail and an optional fine of up to $10,000."

Feng lives down the street from Liberda. We knocked on his door to see what he had to say, but no one answered. Liberda, however, had plenty to say.

She said, "I have tried and tried to understand why someone would do this, but it's just an evil act."

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