Fire at spa prompts evacuation

November 27, 2010 4:45:31 PM PST
Some ladies enjoying a spa day had to run outside wearing just robes when the spa caught fire. It happened this afternoon at the Fiori Home Spa on Potomac near Westheimer in west Houston. The fire department told us a problem with a chimney caused the fire.

Two sisters-in-law said they had just sat down for lunch when they noticed the fire.

"We just had a fire and ice massage in the building and we didn't realize it was a literal fire and ice massage," spa customer Lynell Allen said.

"So we had been finished, we were just having lunch and we look across the street and everybody was pointing at the building and the fire place is on fire. So and then we left," spa customer Dena Pyron said.

Everyone in the building was able to make it out OK.