Thanksgiving dinner will cost more this year

HOUSTON If you're the one doing the cooking this year, you know that it is expensive to buy all of the supplies and this year you're paying just over one percent more.

Every year the American Farm Bureau conducts an informal survey of shoppers about this very issue, and the official increase this year is 1.3 percent on average, Americans can put a turkey dinner and all the sides like rolls, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and pie, on the table for 10 people for $43.47, that's 56 cents more than last year, so not a huge jump.

Prices for everything from sweet potatoes to milk have risen because of an improvement in the overall commodities market, thanks to growing consumer demand in a recovering economy. Here in Texas, it's going to cost $46.52 for your 10 guests to eat all that food $3.05 more than the national average.

The Texas Farm Bureau's quarterly survey of 16 commonly purchased foods shows an annual increase from $50.72 in 2009 to $52.43 in 2010. That's not just a holiday meal supply issue, and at only $4.65 per person, a holiday meal here in Texas is still a bargain.

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