Clock ticking for apt residents headed toward foreclosure

HOUSTON We told you about problems at the Angel Ridge Apartment last month.

The remaining few residents spent much of the day to gather their belongings. They've been given a move-out extension, but as of Monday, if they haven't made any other living arrangements, the city said it won't help them.

By late Monday afternoon, the Angel Ridge Apartments looked like a ghost town; the majority of the remaining dozen or so residents who still called the place home had packed up and moved out or were still making plans to do so.

A spokesperson from the mayor's office says U.S. Bank took control of the property, which is now headed toward foreclosure after the owner refused to make the necessary repairs and pay a $28,000 outstanding water bill.

An order to vacate the property was issued about two weeks ago after the bank withdrew its offer to pay the water bill or make the repairs.

Residents immediately began making other living arrangements. The city stepped in to offer assistance with moving. The deadline was at 5pm Monday, but the city made a last-minute decision to give residents more time.

Residents say extending the deadline to December 6 makes sense.

"A lot of people in here are unable to move. With it coming up on the holidays, Thanksgiving, a lot of people don't get their check until the first of the month," resident Willie Holmes said.

A representative of the management company overseeing the process said a judge issued the order and their employees are just following procedures.

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