Sheriff's Office investigating paint ball attacks

HOUSTON Luckily, it turns out the ammo used in these attacks was paint balls. But it appears the people may have been really trying to hurt their victims.

It happened on three different occasions in Humble less than two weeks ago.

Investigators are still looking for those responsible. They believe the suspects froze or at least tried to freeze paint balls, apparently to make it more painful for those they were targeting.

Jennifer Eber, 26, was on her mother's front porch near Humble on November 12 when she saw a car driving suspiciously.

"It happened real fast, but real slow," said Eber.

She says it was surreal. She saw a gun, then felt a searing pain in her abdomen.

"I didn't want to look down. I thought I don't want to look down. I got kids. And I don't want to see blood," said Eber. "I was freaking out. I was praying to God."

She looked down and saw orange though, not red, and realized she'd been shot with paintballs.

"I was like, oh thank God, it was just a paint ball gun. Thank you God!" said Eber.

She says the suspects sped away. Detectives say she was the third person shot with paintballs within one hour that night: the first was a man shot in the head while riding a bicycle. He rode to a nearby fire station for help. The next was an eight-year-old girl shot in the leg while outside a Taco Bell.

Authorities say no one was seriously hurt, but Eber's mother says things could have turned out much worse.

"They laughed when they hit her. She could have been holding her eight-month-old baby," said Debbie Eber.

Eber says she's often out on the porch with her children. She pleads for the suspects to be caught before someone is seriously hurt.

"They don't care who they hurt. If it's kids, they want to hurt people. Someone can get very seriously injured," Eber said.

Suspect descriptions are vague and vary based on the incident. Investigators say there are three or four men involved, driving either an older model gray four-door sedan or four-door dark green truck.

If you have information which can help locate the suspects you can call the Harris County Sheriff's Office at 281-446-9155.

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