City worker saves choking baby

PASADENA, TX Casey Brock works for the City of Pasadena as a recreation attendant at the Peter C. Fogo Recreation Center. On October 8, Brock was outside with some of the kids who regularly attend the center's activities when a teen who lives nearby came running up to him and asked if he knew CPR because his young niece was choking and needed help. The teenager said the family had already called an ambulance, but he was worried they might not get there in time.

Together, they ran across the street, into a house where Brock said he only saw one thing -- a baby who wasn't breathing and whose face had already turned a dark shade of purple. Brock immediately began performing the Heimlich maneuver on the infant girl.

After a few attempts, the baby still wasn't breathing, but Brock kept trying. As he worked on the child, he said he began praying and, after two more repetitions of the maneuver, the blockage was finally cleared and everyone in the room heard the sound they had been hoping for -- the baby's cry. About five minutes later, an ambulance arrived, and 10-month-old Kaydence Ruiz was taken to a hospital where -- thanks to Brock's efforts -- she was pronounced fine.

"My job is to serve the community and the people in it," Brock said. "This was just another way to do that."

Mayor Johnny Isbell will present Brock with an award for heroism at next week's city council meeting.

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