Become a product tester, get freebies

HOUSTON We teamed up with our Super Saver Erin Libranda to tell us about all the free stuff she has earned by testing products. You can do it too. The catch is you'll have to host a party to score your free stuff.

When the Wii "Just Dance 2" video game came out last month, Libranda thought about buying them. But then she noticed on the website, she could actually get the $40 video games for free by hosting a party.

"Anybody can get in on this," she said. is a website that offers free items to people who sign up to host a party surrounding a specific product. You don't have to return any product; the host gets to keep them for free. The website is sponsored by dozens of brands like EA Sports, Gerber and Play Station 2.

"They have books, they have games; I mean any kind of type of item you can think of, they have it for their house parties," she said.

To host a party, you'll have to sign up online for free and apply. Not everyone gets chosen, but Libranda has had several parties in the past two years.

"I usually do a party quarterly through my Houseparty," she said. "It's fun. It's a fun way to get together with friends and experience new products and information."

If you are selected to be a host, you'll get a box of freebies for yourself and freebie favors for the guests at your party. When Libranda hosted an OroWheat party last month, she got dozens of samples of bread for her to keep and share with her guests.

The guidelines to host a Houseparty are pretty simple, but you must have at least 10 people present.

"They just request that you do have the party on the date specified by them, and when you are at your party, you post pictures on the website, kind of like a proof you did have the party," Libranda said.

Companies also want you to Tweet about their products or post information and pictures on your Facebook account.

Once the day comes for your part, it's time to have fun. Be sure to let all your guests test the product; the hope for companies is that you'll want to run out and buy it.

We checked out other events online and there is one for a Girls Night Out beauty products test and even a party dedicated to those who are 21 and up.

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