Couple dies in apparent murder-suicide

HOUSTON The bodies of Jan Lim, 59, and Jaranya Kanjanavatkoon, 46, were found Monday evening at Huntington Venture and Dairy Ashford. The couple lived in the home and was in the process of a divorce. The man had been out of work for a while.

"Evidently he was suicidal due to loss of his job," said Jack Harvey with the Houston Police Department. "He's been out of work for about two months and was also going through some family issues and going through a divorce that he didn't wish to occur."

The week before this murder-suicide, police say the man told his brother that he was thinking about killing himself.

After Kanjanavatkoon didn't answer his phone, a relative and co-worker went to his house and used a spare key to enter. Inside, they found his body in the living room and called police.

When police arrived, they found Lim in the bedroom. Officers say Lim died after she was hit on the head with a hard object. Police found a hatchet, which they believe was the murder weapon.

They say Kanjanavatkoon then hanged himself.

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