Governor Perry takes on 'Daily Show'

NEW YORK The newly re-elected governor is making the rounds talking about the book "Fed Up, Our fight to save America from Washington." During 'The Daily Show' episode that aired Monday, he shoots straight with Stewart, delivering his get-tough message about border protection, lower taxes, and why he thinks Washington is getting too involved in issues that are better left up to the individual states.

But there were many moments where even serious subjects like the outsourcing of American jobs overseas became funny. One of the lighter exchanges happened after Perry asked Stewart if he'd rather live in Texas or in India, to which the host responded, "Really?"

Today, the governor will be here in Houston for a book signing event. He plans to be at Minute Maid Park on the club level near first base starting at 5:30pm. The book's official release date is November 15.

As for speculation this is the start of a run for the White House, Perry says he already has the best job in America.

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