Professor loses nearly 30 pounds on 'Twinkie' diet

MANHATTAN, KS Mark Haub is a professor at Kansas State University. He says a sensible diet was never really his 'thing', as he's always had a love for junk food. He thought as long as he ate whatever he wanted in moderation. He could lose weight, and stay in shape and it worked.

He shed 27 pounds in two months and, he's gotten plenty of attention for his special diet.

"Zingers, Nestle Crunch bar, Kit Kat. I've talked to people from Ireland, Norway, India," he said. "You know, it's been a global experience."

So here's a day in the life of Mark Haub's diet: It includes a Twinkies cake at 150 calories, a Little Debbie star crunch, also at 150 calories, a Brownie at 270, a Zebra cake at 160 and a bowl of Corn Pops at 220 calories.

Haub eats around 1,600 to 1,800 calories a day. He says he also finds time to fit in some meat and vegetables, eating them in front of his kids to set a good example.

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