Killer bees infest woman's home


Over the last six months, Arma Lanier Marion realized she had a problem on her hands -- Africanized bees.

And they've made themselves at home.

"And in the bathroom, I don't know how they get in there," Marion said. "And the few I've seen in there, and I'm blessed I got some spray."

Concerned neighbors called the city, which gave Marion a week to get rid of the bees. But prices were out of her range.

"When you're on a fixed income, that is kind of hard," Marion said.

A local company is neutralizing the hazard free of charge.

Once the wall was pried opened, the numbers were enormous. Hive after hive was removed.

The bees were vacuumed off the honey comb and sent into a cage. Some were even scraped out by hand.

"You would've never thought in a million years, you were sleeping with the hive from hell," Claude Griffin with Gotcha Pest Control joked with Marion.

After several hours, crews removed tens of thousands of bees and six pounds of honey. The next step was for another set of crews to come in and re-brick this wall.

Now, Marion is glad that the buzz surrounding her house has finally died down.

"It's a big relief, and it's a blessing," she said.

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