Family mourns loss of teen in fatal wreck

HOUSTON Marius Warner, 21, turned himself in and is charged with failure to stop and render aid. Police say an HPD cruiser struck him when he ran a stop sign, then he fled the scene. A 14-year-old girl died in the crash.

Tamira Tribble lost her only daughter over the weekend.

"I love you. You are gone but never forgotten," said Tamira.

The eighth grader was excited to be a part of the cheer team this year at Attucks Middle School where classmates gave her grieving mother a stack of cards remembering their dear friend, Shakay. Tamira last saw her daughter on Friday night before she went to spend the weekend with a friend.

"She left and she left happy. My baby was always happy; never sad," Tamira said.

On Saturday evening, Shakay was leaving a park with some friends when police say the 21-year-old driver of the car, Marius Warner, ran a stop sign at Sandhurst and went right into the path of a police cruiser coming down Bellfort Street.

Three other passengers were injured, but police say Warner ran from the scene.

"He should not have left my sister in the car. He should have ran back and checked on her," said Tevin Tribble, Shakay's brother.

The Tribble family says a second car of Shakay's friends witnessed the terrible crash. It's something they are now left to live with.

"It's hard because I've only got one sister and you ain't going to bring her back," said Tevin.

Shakay would have been 15 next month, but now the family is left with many difficult days ahead.

"I'm trying and asking God to give me strength and he is giving me strength and I know she is in a better place," Tamira said.

Police say they are still working the investigation and part of that will be to determine the speed of both vehicles. Warner is expected in court on Tuesday.

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