Woman dies in house fire in NW Houston

HOUSTON The flames broke out around 4am at a two-story home on Thornton near Yale. Firefighters say they rescued one person from the home, but a second person, a 69-year-old woman, became trapped inside and died.

Power apparently went out last night and the woman lit some candles. Early this morning, that woman's son woke up to her calling for help because there was a fire in the house. The son got up and tried to put out the fire. He told his mother to go into the bathroom to escape the smoke and flames, but he was never able to get back to her.

The son was rescued by firefighters at the back of the house, but his mother was trapped.

We spoke to the victim's son about what happened.

"I just heard my momma call my name and I ran upstairs and the upstairs was on fire. I tried to grab my momma and it was getting kind of hot. She ran towards the bathroom and I pushed her back in the bathroom," said the victim's son, Dwayne Dargean. "I ran outside and tried to grab a ladder to try to climb up from the outside, but by the time I got outside, the whole upstairs was on flames and I couldn't reach her."

Firefighters had to pull out of the home at one point and couldn't search the second floor because it was unstable.

Arson investigators indicated the likely cause of the fire was a lightning strike on the northwest corner of the house, however the investigation is continuing.

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