DWI No Refusal to be enforced every weekend

October 28, 2010 2:20:38 PM PDT
The DWI No Refusal crackdown is expanding, set to be enforced every weekend in Harris County for the next three years. It's all from funding from a $669,000 federal grant. The Harris County District Attorney's Office says the new initiative starts this weekend. Under the No Refusal program, drivers suspected of being intoxicated will have to submit to blood draws if they refuse breath tests.

Houston police are part of it. They say two officers are still recovering after their squad cars were hit by suspected drunk drivers.

"Law enforcement gets it. If they are going to run into my marked police car, wow, that's a driver who is really impaired. And that just shows you how many are probably on the roads and need to be removed," said Asst. Chief Brian Lumpkin with the Houston Police Department.

Last year, more than 300 no refusal warrants for blood were issued in Harris County.