SUV driver slams into garage in Bellaire

Images of the damage left behind after an out-of-control driver slammed into a garage

October 28, 2010 4:59:21 AM PDT
A couple in southwest Houston will need to make repairs to their garage after an SUV crashed through it last night. It happened around 9:30pm at a home on Fournace Place at Anderson. Police say the SUV lost control and slammed into the detached garage. It hit the Toyota vehicle inside, then went out the other side of the garage and ended up in the back yard.

The couple at the home say they were inside when the car hit the garage.

"We heard a crash, but it's so dark out there," said resident Paula McRae. "We tried to look out and at the next minute, two men were knocking at our back door, so I called 911."

Police did take both of those men into custody, but would not say why.

The homeowners say they'll likely have to take down their fence to get the SUV out of the back yard.