Two suspects blamed for 150 burglaries

HOUSTON This is the big break Houston police have been hoping for. They tell us they linked the suspects to the crimes using suspect descriptions from eyewitnesses and good old fashioned detective work, which showed that each suspect had his own way of breaking into the victims' homes through the windows.

Leonard Keith Campbell, 50, and Bobby Henry, 40, are under arrest, accused in a spree of at least 150 burglaries dating back to September of last year.

Eyewitness Elias Gabriel recalled, "I called the cops and a few minutes later they were all over the place."

Police don't think the men worked together. They say Bobby Henry is responsible for 50 of those burglaries, including one last Friday. A worker at Gabriel's home noticed Henry at a neighbor's home acting suspiciously. Gabriel gave chase.

"When he saw me point at him, he looked back and he saw the police," Gabriel said. "He dropped everything and took off running. The cops were fast."

Officers caught Henry and recovered stolen items including a laptop. Police think Campbell is good for more than 100 of the burglaries. They arrested him last week. Officers were called to the 2100 block of Park after the property owner came home and found containers on the counter that she had not left there.

Sgt. Richard Wilson with the Houston Police Department said, "He'd been drinking the pickle juice and drinking the orange juice out of their refrigerator. That's what first alerted her to there might be somebody in her house."

Police arrived and Officer John Obenhaus noticing Campbell walking suspiciously nearby. When he tried to stop Campbell, Obenhaus says Campbell ran. Four blocks later Campbell was under arrest. Officers say Campbell had dropped a stolen laptop and that jewelry taken from a home was allegedly falling from Campbell's pockets.

Police call the suspects career criminals; their alleged burglaries account for half the thefts reported in the Montrose area over the last 12 months.

"I hope they stay in prison for a long, long time," Gabriel said. "I hope they never come out."

Both suspects have a lengthy criminal history, including multiple burglary convictions.

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