Outdoor burn ban issued for Montgomery County

HOUSTON Montgomery County Fire Departments have reported an increase in the number of wildfires over the past few weeks, several of which have damaged outbuildings or houses. A lack of adequate rainfall has left East Texas vulnerable to wildfires. The current average Keetch Byram Drought Index for Montgomery County is over 650, with some areas over 700 KBDI. The maximum drought index number is 800.

Montgomery County has adopted an outdoor burning ban effective immediately. Most County residents have already heeded previous warnings and voluntarily ceased burning, but this order prohibits any further burning immediately. Violations could result in a citation and fine of up to $500. This is in addition to any civil liability for property damage caused by prohibited burning.

The Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office is asking that all residents work together to prevent any further wildfires and reduce the increasing number of nuisance calls related to outdoor burning. Area firefighters are responding to numerous calls for service where the person burning is simply unaware of the current danger. Residents are asked to remind their neighbors of the burn ban first before calling firefighters or law enforcement.

For more information on current conditions or the status of the ban, go to www.mctx.org/fire and click on outdoor burning.

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