Homeowner catches mailbox thieves on camera

DICKINSON, TX When Ricky Lundstrom had had enough, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He said, "Got tired of my mail getting stolen and I wanted to catch it on tape and get some evidence."

At least since June, thieves cruising his mailbox-lined street in Dickinson are looking for their sign that someone is sending out bills.

"When you raise your red flag, that's their red flag to, 'Hey come hit their mailbox,'" Lundstrom said.

At least three different checks have been stolen from his mailbox. Out of frustration Lundstrom purchased and installed a multi-camera surveillance system, complete with night vision.

Within days his thief was on camera, shiny wheels, sunroof and all. A Toyota sedan with a two tone paint job is caught on camera rolling up and someone pulls his mail out.

Weeks later he strikes again. This time someone in the back seat hangs out the window and steals his outgoing checks.

Lundstrom said, "We closed our checking account out that we mailed that motorcycle payment in. We worried they were going to get into our account, because they had routing numbers and check numbers bank numbers all that information."

With evidence in hand, Lundstrom says he reported the problem to his post office and was told it was a problem in the area but no one ever showed up to talk to him or review the tape. He also filed a report with the Galveston County Sheriff's Office and gave them the video. But the mailbox bandit is still on the loose.

After our calls to the postal inspection service, two postal detectives did visit Lundstrom's home. However, they don't keep a file of complaints and could not accurately tell us if complaints have been made in Dickinson. The Galveston County Sheriff's Office says they are working on the case. Mailbox theft is a federal crime.

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