New diabetes study shows shocking results

HOUSTON It's not looking good, according to a new CDC report. Out today America will see double, maybe even triple the cases of diabetes by the year 2050.

That is one in three people and we're talking primarily about type 2 diabetes, which is also called adult-onset. You're not born with it, but it develops over time. One reason for the spike in numbers is because of the growing number of minority groups like African Americans and Hispanics, who are more at risk for the disease. Also a higher number of overweight Americans are fueling the predictions.

"Because the population is getting older and because the population in general is obese and because the demographics of the population," said Sr. Health and Medical Editor for ABC News, Dr. Richard Besser. "The racial makeup is changing; the rate of diabetes is going go up dramatically."

The CDC estimates the current cost of diabetes is $174 billion annually. A majority of which is direct medical costs. Researchers suggest that financial burden could easily double in the next 20 years.

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