Family terrorized during violent home invasion

HOUSTON Police say around 8pm, a group of masked gunmen forced their way through a side door at the home on Broadview near Glenloch. According to police, there were about 8 to 12 people inside, at least three of them small children.

One man was shot in the leg when he fought back. Police say the others were held at gunpoint while the suspects stole various items, including money.

"They got away with a few items," said Sgt. E. Garcia with the Houston Police Department. "We are unable to determine the extent of what they got away with, so we'll do a further investigation and talk to each of the complainants individually."

The men took off. Police searched the area last night. So far, none of those suspects have been found. Police say they do not know why this house or family was targeted.

Meanwhile, the family member who was shot was taken to the hospital. He is listed as stable.

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