Sexual predator on the loose in north Houston

HOUSTON The two alleged assaults and the one attempted case, police say, all happened on the near north and northwest sides of Houston, which are:
  • June 11 -- Airline Drive at 610 Loop (sexual assault)
  • September 21 -- 10900 Northwest Freeway (sexual assault)
  • October 6 -- 700 block of Glenburnie (attempted sexual assault)

Business owners and some residents say that block of Glenburnie Street is riddled with drug dealing and prostitution, day and night.

There are three cases spanning four months, and according to police, all three women have prostitution backgrounds. All three describe the same man who picked them up. Two of the women say they believe they heard a first name; one remembered Marco and the other heard Marcus.

One woman says she was offered a ride. The two others, according to police, agreed to engage in sex for money. But one woman refused what he wanted, and it turned violent.

"He then stated that he was going to cut off her toes and kill her," HPD sex crimes unit Detective Mike Waterwall said. "The victim began to scream for help. She was able to free her hands. She then jumped from the moving vehicle and fled on foot to a nearby convenience store."

She was the only one of the three who escaped before being sexually assaulted. Another woman described being taken to a two-story blue house where she says she was blindfolded and bound.

"At one point during the attack, the victim heard a female child say, 'Daddy, can I watch cartoons?' The suspect left (the victim) alone in the room for a few minutes, but told her he would kill her if she made any noise," Det. Waterwall said.

So far, the crimes have involved women practicing prostitution, but police say it may not remain that way.

"My concern is that he may target women who aren't engaged in that also and unknowingly take a ride from this guy and find themselves in a very bad situation," Waterwall said.

The suspect is described as Hispanic or white, 25 to 35 years old, approximately 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet tall, medium build and has pronounced dimples. Another distinguishing feature is a tattoo of a star with spider webs around it between his thumb and forefingers on his right hand.

The suspect has been seen driving a white Chevrolet truck, a baby blue Ford sports utility vehicle, possibly a Ford Expedition, and a black four-door car, unknown make and model.

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.

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