Students warned of financial aid scam

PASADENA, TX Individuals claiming to represent College Financial Advisory have contacted San Jacinto College students by mail to offer financial assistance. Students and parents are asked to complete a Student Aid Profile Form and pay a processing fee to receive assistance with financial aid.

"There is no fee to receive information about financial assistance at San Jacinto College," said Robert Merino, San Jacinto College financial aid services director. "We urge students and parents not to offer personal information, including any financial background information, to anyone making these claims."

Last year, people claiming to represent the US Education Department contacted San Jacinto College students to offer scholarships and grants. The callers asked for a bank or credit card number, saying the information would be used for a $249 processing fee, but the call was fake.

San Jacinto College students or parents who believe they may have received a scam financial aid letter are encouraged to report the incident to 1-800-MIS-USED, or via email at The government website shares telltale signs of fraud.

If you are a San Jacinto College student requiring financial aid, you are encouraged to follow the proper financial aid procedures set forth by the college.

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