Suspect in 1993 murder caught in Friendswood

FRIENDSWOOD, TX A man who identified himself as Luis Reyes, 42, of Houston was stopped by police last week for a traffic violation in the 5100 block of FM 528. Police say he was found to be driving without a driver's license and failed a field sobriety test.

During the stop, officers say the man was was hesitant in giving his name and even misspelled it several times. After he was booked, his fingerprints were sent to other state agencies.

On Sunday, Friendswood police were contacted by a deputy with the Travis County Sheriff's Office, notifying them that the man was wanted on a 1993 capital murder charge.

Officials with Travis County indicated that Reyes is an alias for Ismael Manasrra. They also say Manasrra uses an alias of Michael Morales.

Manasrra is now being held at the Galveston County Jail on a $100,000 bond awaiting transfer to Travis County. Friendswood police say a criminal history shows he was arrested for arson in 1993 and theft in 1994. Records also indicated that he was detained by INS at the Texas-Mexico border in 1998 for illegal entry.

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