Texas City firefighter faces rape accusation

WEBSTER, TX The firefighter facing the accusation is Sean Coutorie, 43. According to investigators, he and a woman had been out drinking on Sunday, September 26 watching the Texans-Cowboys game at several restaurant bars.

They ended up at Twin Peaks in Webster, where police said the Coutorie, who was off duty at the time, got into several fights. He and his friends were thrown out.

Police said he left even though his friends tried to stop him. He left on his motorcycle, which police said he crashed.

Concerned about his safety, the victim followed him. She then offered for him to come into her nearby apartment until someone could come take him home.

"When they walk into the apartment, he apparently deadbolts the door. She goes upstairs to use the restroom. He follows her, takers her into the bedroom and sexually assaults her," Webster Police Deputy Chief Thomas Claunch said.

Police arrested Coutorie after the victim called 911. Police said he approached them as they were looking at his motorcycle.

Coutorie is now out of custody on $10,000 bond. He's charged with sexual assault and is due in court later this month.

No one from the Texas City Fire Department has returned calls seeking comment.

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