Warning signs popping up at post offices

HOUSTON We stopped at one busy post office by Reliant Stadium where the signs are posted and put our exclusive Crime Tracker to work.

Over the last couple months, patrons at the post office are coming outside only to find their windows broken. Some say more needs to be done than just posting a warning sign.

The cars come and go at the Astrodome post office on Braesmain just off South Main. Apparently it's appealing to thieves.

A rash of car burglaries prompted managers to post a warning on the door that reads, "Remove personal belongings from your vehicle as there have been several break-ins."

Similar signs are also posted at other locations around town.

"The lines are long and there is not a case of you in and out in 10 seconds, so the opportunity for them to break in is here," said Terrance Kemp.

Our Crime Tracker shows that since January, nine break-ins have occurred with five happening in August. Shattered window glass still litters the front parking spots where most patrons double check their interior before locking up.

"I think it's up to the person, that they need make sure personal belongings are secured," said Loise Dancey.

However, common sense doesn't always prevail. The engine on a Toyota is running. Keys dangling in the ignition, open purse in the front seat and a baby in the back seat.

Eyewitness News: We were in disbelief that you left a purse and a kid in the car.
Patron: Yea, well I locked it.
Eyewitness News: Do you think that's safe?
Patron: No it's not safe.

While most remove valuables, some clients say more than just a sign on the door is needed.

"I think a camera out here would be nice, to at least have documentation of who is doing what," said Phillip Perello.

There has been a similar warning about people who run in to drop off their children at daycare.

A few months ago, police in Pearland sent out a warning about thieves stealing items from vehicles in daycare parking lots. In most cases, the parent left a purse or briefcase right in the front seat.

As for whether the post office will do anything to deter thieves, like installing cameras, we don't know. Our calls for a comment on break-ins at postal locations went unanswered.

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