Sex tape played at ex-teacher's sex assault trial

HOUSTON Timothy Richert, 38, was charged with aggravated assault of a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child in August 2009. Four additional charges of sexual assault were filed against him in May of this year, reportedly for assaulting another young girl.

Richert's ex-wife, Jennifer, testified in court Wednesday that Richert was into fantasy sex, especially father/daughter fantasies. She said that he would make her scream, "Stop, daddy. You're hurting me, daddy." Jennifer testified that she didn't like it, but went along with it to keep him happy.

Jurors also heard testimony from the family doctor, who said he examined Richert's 5-year-old daughter after their grandmother brought her in because of suspicion of sexual abuse. The girl told the doctor that the abuse would occur mostly at night and it had been going on for a long time. The doctor found signs of sexual abuse.

The child's kindergarten teacher testified and said that the girl went to the bathroom frequently and she thought the girl had a urinary infection and sent her to the nurse.

The school nurse testified. She gave quotes from the victim as saying "He touches me there," and "I tell him not to, but he still does."

The home video was played in court this afternoon and showed Richert and a pregnant Jennifer having sex while playing out one of the father/daughter fantasies.

If convicted, Richert faces 25 years to life in prison.

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