Officials, community team to crack down on teen crime

HOUSTON Many business owners near Scott and Elgin have been closing up early with the threat of after-school crime. The problems usually begin after the final school bell of the day.

"Yes, it gets crazy. Some of the kids start fighting and stuff," Yates High School student Diamond Smith said. Employees are left cleaning up the mess.

"They would throw the stuff in the dining room, you know, just trash the whole place around," Wendy's employee Eunice Banda said.

"When school first opened up, they had five, six fights a day, back-to-back," cell phone store manager Rashad Abdul said.

Pct. 7 received several complaints from businesses. Deputies say, at times, groups of 50 students were destroying bathrooms, even breaking windows, forcing some businesses to lock the door at 3pm.

"The students were creating disturbances, harassing the customers as well as the employees. We're out here to address that problem," Sgt. Bobby Hebert with the Pct. 7 Constable's Office said.

Trespassing affidavits are being placed down the street. Teens will be given one warning. If they violate that, they will be arrested.

Some employees say the increased presence has already thinned out the crowd.

"When they get out of school and are going to the bus stop or whatever, they know theyr'e being watched," employee Omar Elkadi said.

It's bringing a sigh of relief to those who were dealing with the stress every school day.

"I am very happy, very happy," Banda said. "Now they see that, they run."

The Pct. 7 Deputy Constables Office tell us say they will continue this after-school initiative as long as it is needed.

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