Police chase ends in fatal crash

HOUSTON Police say 41-year-old Suhail Chaudry was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver in southeast Houston on Oak Cliff and Telephone.

"I saw my power blink three times, saw a chopper circling around with a spot light," said a nearby resident.

That was just minutes after two suspected drunk drivers running from police slammed into a power line, then crashed their white Suburban into the back of another car. The impact crumbled the late model Honda and killed the driver.

"It was pretty intense," said an eyewitness.

Police say the chase began about 15 minutes earlier when an off-duty officer saw Rodolfo Salinas and Heenan Torres assaulting someone at a bar along the Gulf Freeway and Edgebrook. Police say Salinas and Torres sped away from the off-duty cop who was calling in for back-up.

The suspects were able to escape police for a short while, even switching drivers. But within minutes, an HPD helicopter spotted them and the chase came to a tragic end at an intersection a few feet away from a Catholic Church.

"God, how sad that somebody across the street near the church lost his life, I don't know, it is very sad," said a parishioner from a nearby church, Cristina Rios.

"(It's) very sad. I mean that person was involved at all. Next thing you know a car plows right into him and it's all over," said nearby resident Ari Gonzalez. "I hope they are punished severely for what they have done."

Torres has been charged with intoxication man slaughter. Salinas is charged with DWI and evading arrest.

Chaudry was pronounced dead at the scene. There was a passenger in his car. That person was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

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