Plans to make deadly road safer on hold

HOUSTON According to an analysis by the Lake Houston Sentinel, the dangerous area is FM 2100 from Beaumont 90 to FM 1960.

According to the newspaper, it's considered to be one of the worst roads in the Crosby area and deputies know why. However, the solution isn't easy.

On a typical Friday night, FM 2100 is quiet, but during rush hour, it's a different story.

Through our exclusive partnership with the Lake Houston Observer, we are learning just how dangerous the roadway is. Using data requested by the newspaper, we've learned that since September 1 , 2009, there have been 134 accidents -- 93 minor and 41 major. Some resulted in injury or death.

"I wouldn't say excessive, but it's quite a few," said Capt. Jon Moore with the Precinct 3 Constables Office.

Law enforcement officials believe the number of accidents is likely due to an increase in population. Couple that with a high school on the street, and it's even more complex.

"With the high school right there, you've got new drivers. With new drivers, there are more accidents," Moore said.

In June, Kayla Riordan was behind the wheel when a truck collided with her vehicle at the corner of FM 2100 and Stroker, killing her friend, Nicole Vestal. While she was cited for failing to yield, her mother believes it wasn't simply a case where she blew through the intersection.

"There's a slight curve right before this intersection, and for an inexperienced driver, which Kayla is an inexperienced driver, it's difficult to judge," said her mother, Glenda Riordan.

The Texas Department of Transportation says it has a set of projects planned for this road, but currently, all are not funded.

It's something Glenda Riordan finds unacceptable.

"I think it should be made a priority," she said. "I mean the numbers speak for themselves."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office also responds to many accidents on the road. The Lake Houston Observer requested those numbers, but they're still waiting on them.

We were able to bring you this story through our partnership with the Houston Community Newspapers. You can read more about this road and the accidents in the Lake Houston Observer.

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