Men found dead likely died of plant food overdose


Ray Ausbon, 21, and Zachary Tigner, 19, were found at the Boylan Apartments at 817 Hillsborough Street Saturday morning.

Raleigh Police spokesperson Jim Sughrue said autopsy results weren't back yet, but the investigation so far points to an overdose of Mephedrone.

Sughrue said the substance is generally marketed for use as a plant food and is not intended for human consumption.

He said common street names for the Mephedrone include drone, meow-meow, bubbles, and bounce.

Additional information about the substance may be found at:

Sughrue said the Raleigh Police Department strongly cautions against the inappropriate use of Mephedrone and any other substance which may be harmful to persons taking it.

According to his obituary, Ausborn graduated from Apex High School in 2007 and was a student at NC State University majoring in accounting.

Tigner also graduated from Apex High and attended Gardner-Webb University. He had recently enlisted in the United States Army and was to report for duty on October 4.

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