Texans tailgating policy explained

HOUSTON New Policy: The Houston Texans announced a new revision to their gameday ticket policy. Effective immediately the Houston Texans will require all fans who wish to enter Reliant Stadium or its parking lots to possess a gameday ticket.

Who's affected: Non-ticketed guests, season ticket holders that bring guests to tailgate, season ticket holders that sell or give away their tickets and still plan to come to the game to tailgate.

Why the New Policy: Our tailgating environment is intended for the enjoyment of our game attendees and we invest significant time, money and other resources to make this experience exceptional. Non-ticketed visitors that tailgate on the Reliant Park campus put a significant strain on facility resources intended for use by game attendees, create increased traffic congestion for game attendees, setup tailgates in parking spaces without parking passes thereby displacing game attendees with valid parking passes and require the services of EMT, Police, and Parking Staff that should be focused on serving our game attendees.

When it's effective: The new policy is effective immediately and will begin to be enforced starting with the October 10th Home game against the New York Giants.

Where it is effective: All of Reliant Park property, including but not limited to all parking lots and the stadium.

What will happen to non-ticket fans: Any fan that does not have a gameday ticket will not be permitted to enter Reliant Park Property.

How will we enforce this policy: Fans who try to enter Reliant Park grounds on Houston Texans gamedays will be required to present a ticket upon request.

To summarize, you must have either a game ticket or a tailgate guest ticket to enter and remain on Reliant Park grounds on gamedays.

What if a Season Ticket Holder would like to bring a guest to tailgate for a game? We will make available a tailgate guest ticket to season ticket holders for $10 per ticket per game, via their online season ticket account manager. There will be up to 2000 of these passes available for each game. Each season ticket holder will only be able to acquire up to 4 for any given game until the limit is reached.

Can a tailgate guest ticket be forwarded or reprinted? No. These tailgate guest tickets cannot be forwarded or reprinted. They must be treated like cash and will not be replaced for any reason.

Will the Season Ticket Holder be responsible for the actions of their tailgate guest ticket holder? Yes. The Season Ticket Holder who purchased the tailgate guest ticket will be held responsible for the actions of their guest. If a disturbance occurs the Season Ticket Holder will be subject to removal from the property, revocation of their season ticket and/or parking pass.

Does this tailgate guest ticket entitle me to setup a tailgate in a parking space? No. The tailgate guest ticket only allows you to remain on property without an accompanying game ticket. You will not be allowed to setup any materials or equipment in a parking space unless you have a parking pass.
Source: Houston Texans

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