Kids help catch robbers on Long Island


A group of kids jumped into action when they saw a robbery in progress.

You can't blame the kid for feeling good.

"I feel like I'm a hero!" said Vincent, one of the kid crimefighters.

Vincent was one of four North Massapequa kids credited with helping to stop the two robbery suspects.

"He said give me the money," said Sunny Singh, the gas station manager.

The robbery happened at a Getty station on North Broadway, and it was caught on camera.

One suspect demanded money and allegedly threatened to shoot the manager.

The suspect was only in the store for a couple of minutes before running to a getaway car.

"I told the kids, get the plate number," Singh said.

They were riding their bikes at the time.

"The guy was running down the street and he got into a big black car," said one of the kids.

"Me and my friend just wrote down the license plate and give it to the cops," one of the other kids said.

Police caught up to the suspect and his accomplice minutes later.

The four heroes were allowed to take a handful of whatever they wanted from the gas station's store as a reward.

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