Dad who tried to save drowning twins dies

HOUSTON Hector Suarez, 33, had been on a breathing machine at Memorial Hermann Hospital since he jumped into the water Sunday to save his 9-year-old twins after they were swept by strong currents at the Texas City Dike.

Alexandra Suarez and her dad were unconscious when they were pulled from the water and transported to the hospital. Alexandra Suarez died shortly after her arrival there. The body of her twin sister, Samantha, washed up on the beach several hours later.

The Suarez family had just arrived at the dike for a family get-together when the twins ran into the water. Alexandra and Samantha knew how to swim but police say with the strong currents and a steep drop between 50 and 100 feet, they were overpowered.

Hectory Suarez didn't know how to swim but still jumped after the girls. His cousin and brother-in-law also tried to rescue the trio, but they ended up having to save each other.

Since the drowning, the family has been pushing for signs to warn beachgoers about the potential threat of strong currents. The mayor of Texas City said the city will consider posting such a notice.

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