Football team still waiting on players' uniforms


God's House Panthers practice hard so they'll be taken seriously on game day.

But parents can't help but ask how the team can ever be taken seriously if they still don't have their uniforms.

"Every other team has their uniforms already," parent Fabian Osorio said.

"I don't understand what the problem is," parent Jacquelyn Logan said.

Parents say they paid $200 to the team in registration fees, some of which was supposed to be used to purchase uniforms. That's exactly what team secretary Angela Means says she did. She sent three cashier's checks totaling more than $5,300 to Gametime Athletics in Memphis, Tennessee and was promised the uniforms by the first week of September.

"He's been telling us next week, next week, next week," Means said.

But with five games down and only three more to go, the kids are still wearing their practice jerseys.

"My kids lost out because it does help the morale; it helps them being out there, suited up like other teams, and like, 'Yeah we're together; we're suited up,'" Logan said.

Eyewitness News called the number on the invoice, but it didn't work. Other numbers we found didn't work either, and an email we sent was returned.

Means says the team has no choice but to consider legal action.

"We are in the process of exploring other options that would help remedy the situation," she said.

Now parents just want their money back.

"It upsets me; it upsets me a lot," Osorio said.

But they would have rather watched their children proudly play in new uniforms.

"It's supposed to be for the kids," Logan said.

Means says she got a text message from Gametime Athletics saying she should receive the uniforms by the end of the week; but she says she's been told that before, so they'll have their practice uniforms washed and ready to go for Saturday's game just in case.
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