Upset with ballot choices? Vote for 'No Candidate'

October 6, 2010 10:06:59 AM PDT
Upset with the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor? You could always cast your ballot for "No Candidate." That's who is, or more accurately who isn't, running for the Libertarian Party in Wisconsin.

The Libertarian candidate for governor didn't get the required 2,000 votes to make it on the ballot. But Terry Virgil, the lieutenant governor candidate, managed to turn in enough and his name will be on the ballot next to the words "No Candidate" for governor.

Should Virgil win, he would become governor because the law calls for the lieutenant governor to take over should there be a vacancy.

Virgil is a political newcomer who says he's now campaigning for both posts, although he says he's raised no money and has no campaign staff.